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Henderson International Finance Limited Internet Banking is very secure protecting the customers account information using industry standard security techniques including encryption, firewalls, session expiration, virus protection, and a secure login process.

Henderson International Finance Limited Internet Banking uses Verisign© for Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for customer online transactions, and each session uses a unique key to encrypt messages. Encryption scrambles information to prevent unauthorized access as information is being transmitted between your browser and Henderson International Finance Limited Internet Banking.

Supporter Brower 
For best accessibility we recommends that our customer should use Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers respectively to access his/her account online. 

Henderson International Finance Limited Internet Banking's computer system does not connect directly to the Internet, as every system that interacts with the Internet is at risk of attack from hackers. To protect our systems that interact with the Internet, we use firewall technology to prevent unauthorized access. A firewall is a system that blocks unauthorized interactive access from individuals or other networks. 

Computer Virus Protection
We use sophisticated tools to detect and prevent computer viruses from entering the bank's computer network systems.

Secure Login
You authenticate your Internet Banking session by entering your unique User ID and password, both of which are encrypted as they pass over the Internet and before they are stored on our system.